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Tashkent hosts an information security seminar

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The annual national seminar on topic of "Information security in communications and informatization sphere, problems and solutions" will be held on October 28.           
The purpose of the study of the trends and issues of information security industry, the improvement of information and communication technologies, to introduce the participants with the various types of information security threats, the definition of the strategic directions of information security and exchange of experience in this area, training and retraining.
The seminar is organized by the Ministry of Development of Information Technologies and Communications of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the Center «UNICON.UZ» and Center for information security.
We invite you to participate in a seminar on the following areas:
- Improving the legal framework for information security;
- The role of standards in the field of information security and harmonization with international standards;
- Security policy organizations and enterprises;
- Information security of mobile networks;
- Hardware and software information security;
- Modern methods of information security;
- Relevance of the public key infrastructure in the Republic of Uzbekistan;
- The requirements for information security in the electronic document to protect the rights of consumers;
- The requirement to modern cryptographic algorithms for data protection;
- Analysis of the main areas of application of hardware and software for providing cryptographic protection of information;
- National cryptographic systems and their capabilities;
- Development of effective means of information protection.

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