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The implementing of ICT - a new stage of energy development

08 Октябрь 2015 Версия для печати

At the National Press Center of Uzbekistan a press conference dedicated to the improvement of the activity of JSC "Uzbekenergo" and strengthen the discipline of payments for consumed electricity by introducing modern ICT sphere.

It was attended by representatives of JSC "Uzbekenergo", the domestic manufacturers of electronic metering of energy consumed and journalists.

Integration of modern information technologies in the energy sector opens up new prospects for both producers and consumers of electricity, which contributes to the modernization and further development of the energy sector of our country. Decree of President Islam Karimov "On measures to further the implementation and development of modern information and communication technologies" on March 21, 2012 is the consistent improvement of this work.

According to the director of a functional branch "Energy ACS adjustment" UE "Uzelektroset" JSC "Uzbekenergo" F.Shamshieva, now the company has implemented a number of projects aimed at further informatization and computerization of the energy sector. Software systems, and information systems are developed and used in the field, let you automate many operations that previously had to be done by hand, to strengthen the interaction between suppliers of electricity to consumers, and to simplify the procedure for receiving incoming calls. In addition, significant progress has been made in improving the discipline of payment of electricity consumed.

If earlier the majority of domestic consumers, as usual, paying down debt only once every two or three months, but now thanks to the automated control system and electricity metering (AMR) and the installation of new electronic meters introduced a form of pre-paid electricity. At present only in Tashkent, found about two hundred thousand similar electronic counters. As a result, arrears in payment of electricity has decreased by half, and JSC "Uzbekenergo" received funds for further modernization of the urban electricity networks.

The next stage of this work was the completion of the integration of AMR software package "Elektrouchet", which was created by JSC "Uzbekenergo", together with "Fido-Business" according to the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan "On Electric Power Industry" dated 30 September 2009 and the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers " On approval of the rules for use of electricity and thermal energy "of 22 August 2009. With its introduction to customers of JSC "Uzbekenergo" across the country have become available new services. In particular, they were able to pay bills online, to monitor the flow of money, send electronic requests and requests for repairs.

The program complex provides not only the provision of detailed and transparent accounting of power consumption, but also improve the efficiency of processes to gather reliable information about its consumption. In just a few years of operation, it has enhanced the effectiveness of mechanisms for the timely collection of funds for electricity and to reduce the human impact on the process of settlement of payments showed a high efficiency of information and provision of convenient ways to pay the bills, in particular, through the payment system of commercial banks, joint-stock company "Uzbekistan pochtasi », Paynet system and cashless payment« SMS-To'lov. "

Special attention is attracted participants stands, which were presented to modern electronic meters for electricity produced domestically. Along with the already used models here we were shown the new equipment, the installation of which will begin next year. These devices offer high accuracy and reliability, almost completely protected from external influences.

Along the press conference journalists were able to take answers to their questions.
Автор: R.Bondarchuk

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