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Brief review of informationtechnologies and communications development in Uzbekistan.

The brief review deals with main indexes of present state, principal factors and prospects for ICT development in Uzbekistan. There view outlines a positive trend in the development of the Internet access services market in such aspects as introduction of new telecommunications services, development of national information resources, and implementation of “e-government” system. Additionally it covers the activity for staff training in IT industry.

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Guide for ICT training and refresher courses for bodies of state and economic management staff

The Guide is compiled in accordance with Resolutions No.ПП-1730, dated 21 March 2012 of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On measures for further introduction and development of modern information and communication technologies”, and No.ПП-1989, dated 27 June 2013 “ On measures for further development of national information and communication system of the Republic of Uzbekistan”.

This guide gives detailed information on training courses, their schedules, curriculum documents, and special advanced courses together with their addresses. The subject of these courses is introduction and application of modern ICT in regions of the republic for 2015.

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Analysis of Internet performance and future development in Uzbekistan

The study gives an expert evaluation of qualitative and quantitative indexes of the present state, main factors and future development of the Internet in Uzbekistan. ThereportoutlinesapositivetrendinthedevelopmentoftheInternetaccessservicesmarketbysuchindicesas an increase in number of users, introduction of new services, development of national information resources, cut in prices for Internet. Additionally, the report generalizes the opinions of the player in the market on weak points and gives recommendations for their elimination.

“Uzbekiston iktisodiy akhborotnomasi” - “Economical journal of Uzbekistan” No.5/2009

This journal was founded in execution of the resolution of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On additional measures for further development of information and communication technologies” in cooperation with leading specialists of the Uzbek Agency for Communication and Informatization.

This journal publishes articles of leading specialists in the industry on the events taking place in telecommunications, technological innovations and their future development in the republic. The journal consists of seven parts, such as “Information Technologies”, “Management Issues”, New ICT Possibilities”, “Education”, “Service Sector”, etc.

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Review of ICT development in the Republic of Uzbekistan for 2006-2008

Thereviewaimstoidentifythetendenciesfordevelopmentofinformatization, change in the ICT awareness and application by the public and economic entities of Uzbekistan.

This review gives answers to such issues as: What are the results of the activity carried out and tendencies of ICT development in Uzbekistan? What is level of awareness and application of these technologies by the public and economic entities in the republic? What is the investment efficiency?

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Usage of free and open software for the development of Uzbekistan: review and recommendations

This study, meant mainly for politicians and senior managers, presents a general review of advantages, problems and technologies in use. However, arrange of the issues discussed and volume of the materials contained may also present an interest for general reader.

ICT Uzbek Glossary, second edition aims to raise awareness of civil servants, teachers, students of various educational institutions, and other social groups in the field of ICT application in professional activities and everyday life, as well as further development of terminology in the national language. The Glossary contains over 4000 modern terms and detailed definitions and frequently used abbreviations. A special feature of these condedition (the first edition was published in 2004) is a wide support of the terms with graphics by means of over 450 diagrams, drawings, photographs and logotype. Color thematic inserts by various aspects of the ICT development are presented as a separate block of the Glossary.  

Review of information and communication technologies development in Uzbekistan for 2005

There view aims to identify informatization development tendencies in priority directions. Based on the country level of electronic readiness and with the purpose to compare with the similar studies held earlier under the United Nations Development Programs part of “Digital Development Initiative” 2, the review demonstrates ICT development indices in the following sections:

• Access to global information resources;

• ICT in education;

• ICT application in the society;

• E-government;

• E-commerce;

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