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Educational network ZiyoNET.

About the project

National public educational-information network ZiyoNET is established accordance with the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan that was signed in 28.09.2005 №191 "On the establishment of public educational information network of the Republic of Uzbekistan".

The main purpose of the network is to promote media education and ystem of a wide range of information and communication services for students and youth of the country.

Information-educational portal ZiyoNET includes all the necessary information for young people, educators and other segments of the population and is a set of handy tools needed to get the information of interest, familiarizing with modern IT skills, communication and exchange, and much more .

Users registered with the system ID.UZ, ZiyoNet portal provides all the necessary conditions for the realization of their capabilities, in particular:

1. The placement of informational and educational resources in the portal library ZiyoNET;

2. The creation of sites, the satellites on a domain level 3 «zn.uz»;

3. To gain access to other sections of the portal closed ZiyoNET;

4. participate in various competitions RC network ZiyoNET.

Connecting to the network ZiyoNET
According to government decisions, all educational institutions (connection objects) should be merged into a single information network of educational ZiyoNET.

Access to resources ZiyoNET network is provided by a complex network of providers, the winners for connecting educational institutions.

Today, the connection of schools, colleges, high schools, museums, branches "Kamolot" youth civic movement of Uzbekistan is engaged LLC «Ist Telekom», and connecting schools located in rural areas carry JV «RWC» and branch UzNET "Uzbektelecom".

Responsible ministries to connect and financing educational institutions are MHSSE, CSSVE, INR, CA "Kamolot" youth civic movement.
Resource Centre Network ZiyoNET, as the operating entity of the Bid Committee, carries out all the necessary arrangements for the competition and the monitoring of the connection.

For all issues related to connecting educational institutions, please contact the responsible ministries and agencies, network providers ZiyoNET, and you can ask your question in the forum.

The object connected to the educational network ZiyoNet, receives the following free services fr om a provider-winner:

· Unrestricted access to the Uzbek segment of the Internet (so-called TAS-IX) at a speed of 128 kbit / s;

· Certain traffic limit of external internet (using an external Internet traffic over the lim it will be paid subject to the connection on their own);

· and other additional services.

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