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Postal services in the Republic of Uzbekistan

The postal service is part of the daily lives of people around the world and plays an important role for economic and social progress of society. Development of postal services is one of the conditions that are essential to the normal functioning of the production and circulation of goods and services, as well as human activity at the present stage of development of society. 

Mail today connects the production and consumption of goods and services, serving both producers and consumers, thereby actively affects the economy, governance, and business development and improving the welfare of people. The market of postal services markets intersects with transport and logistics services (in terms of freight and courier), Infocomm (postal services both compete and integrate new information and communication services: hybrid mail, Internet access, etc.) and financial services (payment and delivery of pensions and benefits, the implementation of utility and other payments, receiving and sending of remittances).

In Uzbekistan, the postal service is a public mechanism of targeted communication of citizens, an integral part of economic and social infrastructure of the state.

National postal network organized a joint stock company (JSC) "O'zbekiston Pochtasi" (The post of Uzbekistan) on a geographical basis and represents an extensive network of post offices and postal routes, designed for sending and delivery of mail, express parcels, payment remittances, state pensions and benefits.

National postal operator of the Republic of Uzbekistan - JSC "O'zbekiston Pochtasi" affordable exchanges with all countries of the world with all kinds of mailings.

Postal network of the Republic of Uzbekistan is a system that includes 14 regional branches, consisting of 174 district and city units, 13 production sites, 3006 post offices, including in 2247 - the rural and 20 - mobile post offices, as well as 1 specialized branch "Halkaro the post office." To date, there are 33 air, 1 rail, more than 400 road routes providing regular transportation of mail courier items. Organized by the 6427 haul regions, including in rural areas - 3997. In the service area established 5175 mailboxes for collection of written correspondence, including in rural areas - 3336.

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