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International activity

The Ministry for the development of information technologies and communications coordinates the international cooperation of the Republic of Uzbekistan in the sphere of communication, information and telecommunication technologies in the framework of international organizations and bilaterally with other countries.  

Cooperation with international organizations

After independence, in the framework of integration of the country into the international community, the Republic of Uzbekistan became a full member of the International Telecommunication Union and the Universal Postal Union.

The International Telecommunication Union

As a specialized agency of the United Nations, dealing with information and communication technologies (ICT), International Telecommunication Union (ITU) is responsible for the distribution of radio-frequency spectrum and satellite orbits, as well as for the standardization and development of ICTs worldwide. ITU was founded in 1865 in Paris as the International Telegraph Union. Its present name was given in 1934, and in 1947 it became a specialized agency of the UN.

Despite the fact that the terms of reference was the first telegraph service, the current activities of the ITU encompasses the entire ICT sector, from digital broadcasting to the Internet, mobile technologies and three-dimensional television. As from the beginning of partnership between the public and private sectors, ITU currently has a membership of 193 countries and some 700 private-sector organizations. ITU headquarters in Geneva (Switzerland).

The Republic of Uzbekistan is a member of ITU since 10 July 1992. Membership of the Republic of Uzbekistan in the ITU provides:

- Interaction of Uzbekistan with other countries on international telephone, telegraph, telex, facsimile transmission; operation of a network of international telecommunications republic in a single process cycle by a single norms and standards, interoperability with telecommunication systems of the Member States of ITU;

- Promote the interests of the Republic of Uzbekistan in the international distribution and global assignment of radio spectrum; harmonization of conditions and parameters functioning of the broadcasting stations and other radio-electronic means on the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan;

- Harmonization and implementation of a uniform procedure for mutual settlements with foreign operators (organizations) of telecommunication on transit and terminal dues for international exchange of telecommunications;

- Participate in the planning and development of the main directions of development of a common policy funds of international telecommunications, as well as in ITU's work on the development of the global information and communication infrastructure;

- The use of the performance of the ITU, research and development in other countries for the development of communication and information of the republic;

- For technical and advisory assistance;

- The possibility of professional development for the Republic in various areas of telecommunications and ICT;

- The ability to coordinate and implement other important areas of international policy development of telecommunications and ICT.

Universal Postal Union

The Universal Postal Union (UPU) was established in 1874, is a specialized agency of the United Nations in the field of postal services in 1948. UPU headquarters in Bern is (Switzerland).

The Universal Postal Union, with its 192 countries - members is the largest service network in the world. Currently, more than 6 million. Postal employees working in more than 700 thousand. Post offices provide postal services in accordance with the Acts of the UPU.

The UPU is the primary forum for cooperation between postal services, it helps to ensure a truly universal network of modern postal products and services, an advisory, mediating and liaison role, and renders technical assistance if necessary. The UPU sets the rules for international mail exchanges, makes recommendations to stimulate growth in mail volumes and to improve the quality of customer service.

The Republic of Uzbekistan is a member of the UPU since 24 February 1994. Membership of the Republic of Uzbekistan in the UPU provides:

- Participation in the activities of the UPU, in the planning and development of the main directions of development of a common policy of postal communication;

- Cooperation to address emerging issues for the exchange of mail with the working bodies of the UPU, which act as intermediaries for the contacts with the postal administrations of the countries - members of the UPU;

- Participation in work on the development, adoption and implementation of standards and recommendations for the introduction of new types of postal services;

- Cooperation in the field of postal security in the framework of joint activities of the Group of the UPU postal security action;

- Participation in the processes of development, coordination and implementation of a uniform procedure for mutual settlements with the countries - members of the UPU terminal dues for international postal traffic;

- Participation in international conferences, forums and seminars on the development of postal services and email security;

- Participation in constant control of the quality of a simple mail transfer, organized by the UPU;

- Participation in projects to improve the quality of postal services, funded by the Foundation to improve the quality of service at the UPU.

Bilateral cooperation with other countries

Ministry for Development of Information Technologies and Communications cooperates bilaterally with the communication administrations and ICT companies and organizations of foreign countries.

At present the most dynamic cooperation of the republic in the sphere of communication and information developed with leading countries of the world, the Republic of Korea, People's Republic of Korea, Japan, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Germany, Switzerland, USA and others. Cooperation with the countries - participants of the CIS established both bilaterally and in the framework of the Regional Commonwealth of Communications(RCC).

The legal basis of bilateral cooperation are the international treaties in the sphere of communications and informatization intergovernmental and interdepartmental nature.

In the market of telecommunications and information and communication technologies in Uzbekistan there and carry out investment activities such leading global companies as  Huawei Technologies and ZTE Corporation (China), KT Corporation (Korea), NEC Corporation and Sumitomo Corporation (Japan), Telia Sonera (Sweden and Norway), Nokia Siemens Networks (Finland and Germany), Alcatel Lucent (France and USA), ВымпелКом (Russia).   

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