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Telecommunications infrastructure

We are going to look through the State and prospects of development of the telecommunications network.
Evolution of telecommunication networks includes a natural transition to digital networks takes place in our Republic in stages.
The Government of the country's June 6, 2002 adopted a resolution for the number 200 "On measures for further development of computerization and introduction of information and communication technology," the purpose of which was to further develop and improve the national telecommunications network based on digital transmission systems and digital switching equipment, conducting edinoynauchno- technical and investment policy, the achievement of a stable and efficient operation of the enterprises of the telecommunications sector, the comprehensive needs of the economy and the population in communication services.
As a result, implemented over the past 10 years, more than 40 projects totaling $ 2.5 billion. Dollars. US achieved digitization of all long-distance and international telephone stations and 100% of local telephone exchanges with the ability to provide advanced telecommunications services. Analog automatic long-distance telephone stations (ATS) in all regional centers of the Republic of Karakalpakstan and replaced by digital.
The network of telecommunications of Uzbekistan has direct international channels on 28 directions with access to 180 countries.
Modernization and reconstruction of the main, local and intra-zone transportation networks based on fiber-optic technology and modern communication systems.
Provide redundancy routes and channels on the basis of self-healing ring structures and relay links.
In 2004 the Government began to support implementation of broadband technology xDSL. Since 2009 began the introduction of technology FTTx.

Technological development
Technological development takes into account the global trends in the telecommunications industry and ICT and is based on the advance of the approach in the choice of technologies. In this period it provides improve performance, availability and security of the telecommunication network of the Republic of the network through the introduction of new technologies, in view of current global trends, which will be based on a gradual migration of all segments of the network to an IP platform.

The main objective of the strategy is the process:

-providing the necessary performance and scalability of the network (for containers, ports and bandwidth) at all levels - international, intra, intra backbone and access networks,

-providing high quality of the network, in accordance with international standards and requirements of the market,

- Providing fault tolerance of the network and all its components,

- Ensuring a high level of information security.

Communication services

Services intercity and international communication

Telephone services by regions

Telephone codes: Uzbekistan, International, Mobile

Addresses centers "single window" for the provision of telecommunications services

In order to bring in compliance with international standards of emergency phone numbers and referral services to the April 5, 2012 in Tashkent city introduced the following numbers:

Fire department - "101";

Police - "102";

Ambulance - "103";

Gas service - "104";

Rescue - "1050";

Other services - "10hh."

For more information call 200-31-31.

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