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The Ministry for Development of Information Technologies and Communications of the Republic of Uzbekistan was formed on 4 February 2015, by Order of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan (Russian).

The main objectives and directions of the Ministry for Development of Information Technologies and Communications of the Republic of Uzbekistan are:
  • implementation of the single state policy in information technologies and communications, introduction of “e-government (electronic government)”, development and implementation of comprehensive programs for introduction and development of the national information and communications system, based on the world-class development level of information technologies, information protection and use;  
  • further development and upgrading the communications infrastructure, including extension of broadband Internet access, full switchover  to digital exchange, TV and broadcasting systems, performing the functions involving state regulation, licensing and monitoring the communications and data transfer, as well as radio frequency spectrum use;  
  • implementation of state programs for introduction of “e-government”, inter-agency coordination, monitoring, assessing and overseeing the activity of the ministries, government agencies, companies and associations, local agencies of state power in the field of informatization and improvement of the interactive public services, as well as formation, storage and use of public information resources and databases, establishing and managing the  inter-agency information systems;    
  • further formation of the national segment of the Internet, providing the necessary technical favorable environment to develop modern domestic web-resources of various trends including network resources to meet the needs of the consumers, especially of young generation;
  • coordination and assistance in the development of the domestic production and home market of competitive software programs and services,  introduction of modern software programs, information systems and information resources in the real sectors of economy,  and among the users;
  • implementation of information security and introduction of modern communications network protection technologies, software programs, information systems and resources, further development of technical infrastructure for information resource security;
  • R&D, personnel development in the field of modern communication media, development and introduction of software programs, information systems and databases,  information security, and other spheres of  information and communications technologies;
  • development of international cooperation in the field of information technologies and communications, attraction of foreign investments for implementation of projects of first priority, efficient use of radio frequency spectrum,  and in other fields under the Ministry responsibility.   
Regulation on the Ministry for Development of Information Technologies and Communications of the Republic of Uzbekistan (Russian).

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